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First choose Laulau with Poi and after that Okolehao

The traditional Hawaiian banquet is called Luau. It is something really delicious.

Loco Moco

christian razukas from Honolulu, Hawaii, Loco MocoCC BY-SA 2.0

The genuine Luau is a dish cooked in the ground consisting of meat and vegetables served on palm leaves. Today a meal called Luau is served at every tourist event, but this has got very little to do with the original Luau.

Typical dishes in Hawaii: Laulau - pork or fish steamed in Taro leaves, Lomi lomi - pieces of salmon with tomatoes and onions served with mashed Taro roots, called Poi. As a desert you can get pineapples in various forms, or coconuts or both.

As the population of Hawaii is made up of so many races and cultures, it is not surprising that the meals offered show great variety. Japanese restaurants and American food are predominating. If you want to get an inexpensive meal you can get that at Chinese lunch waggons - noodles or rice.

The ancient Polynesians did not drink a lot of alcohol. Sometimes they had a swig of a liquor made of the roots of palm trees. It has got the beautiful name of Okolehao. Today this drink has become very rare. You get the milk of coconuts or fruit juice, e.g. pineapple juice.

Maui blanc is a white wine made of pineapple juice, which is made on the island of Maui. It actually tastes quite good.

Blue Hawaii is only one of the countless cocktail creations served in the island bars. The mixture - what a surprise - consists of pineapple juice, pieces of pineapple, white rum and blue curacao.

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